giovedì 2 giugno 2016

News in Going for a Walk?

There's something new in "Going for a Walk?"  !

Until now the blog has always been managed exclusively by me, by Ilaria. Now things are going to change: another pen joins the blog, my brother's one, Alessio.
Some weeks ago, looking at some photos taken during my holidays, I thought: "In these years, I have been sharing my travels with Alessio. We planned together our itineraries, dividing tasks to be done for a perfect organization. Our points of view are different and, everywhere, where one's eye doesn't catch a detail, there the one of the other comes."

So, why don't we write together the posts of the blog?

After having expressed my idea and a moment of hesitation, my brother has been happy to start with this new adventure.
So, from now on, our posts will alternate: a week a post from Alessio and the other one from me. Obviously, our style of writing are completely different, if not the exact opposite, but you will notice it by yourselves. A thing is sure: they will be complementary. As I said before, where one doesn't arrive the other comes.

Another piece of news!

It was predictable that putting together two heads new and interesting ideas and projects come out.  Here what we thought.
My brother made me notice that my posts are, so to say, extemporaneous, end in themselves, not included in a frame that links them.  I couldn't argue with that.
So, we also decided to change the organization of posts: no more isolated posts about a random destination, but structured in projects of about a month, in which we will talk about a precise topic that will guide us in our travels.

We will start next week with Alessio's first post and the beginning of this new feat. We can't say more if not STAY TUNED!

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