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Seaside, hill or mountain? 3 suggestions for Easter Monday

I do not know about other places in the world but in Italy people make a traditional day trip for Easter Monday. According to different preferences, there are people who like to spend a day in the nature, those who prefer to make cultural trips and those who reunite with friends and relatives in someone’s home to celebrate. I am among those who like to spend a day in the nature and, if you are like me, I have three suggestions for you: one to the seaside, one in the hills and one in the mountains.

To the seaside – Protected Seascape Torre Guaceto

 It is a reserve in the beautiful Salento, equipped for guided visits but yoou can make a tour autonomously too. The diversity and the weakness of the ecosystems in this zone are what make this place beautiful. My piece of advice is to make a long walk towards the Torre Aragonese and, once there, to enter the tower to enjoy the wonderful panorama.

In the hills – Regional Reserve Pianelle Wood

This forest brings me back to my childhood, because it was one of my favourite destinations for any kind of trip. The reserve is in the district of Martina Franca and is perfect for picnics and walks in the wood. Indeed, many paths are marked and divided according to difficulty and length. Besides, along those paths, it is possible to find some typical Apulian constructions for the storage of wood or used as drinking trough. Indeed, during feudal period this area was used for the collection of wood and as grazing land. Nowadays, we can still see the witnesses of that period.    
In the mountains – National Park of the Pollino

I have already written about this park here. For me, this is one of the mountain areas I can reach easily in a day, so, obviously, this is among my favourite destinations.

What will you do on Easter Monday? A day trip to the seaside, in the hills or in the mountains?      

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