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#anitineraryinamonth: an itinerary in Valle d'Itria

For #anitineraryinamonth, this time I propose an Italian, rather Apulian itinerary to discover Valle d’Itria. This tour can be realized in a weekend, visiting some gems of this area.


I have already written about this town here. Looking from above, it looks like a crown on the top of the hill where it rises. I think that this is the perfect place where to stay for a tour in Valle d’Itria, staying in one of the typical houses called Cummerse.

Martina Franca

The town of the well-known Valle d’Itria Festival is a stop-over you cannot miss. Walk through the narrow streets of its old town centre, which is a real Baroque-style jewel. Here you can visit the Ducal Palace and Saint Martin’s Church. Actually, the whole old town is a cozy thing where you can notice Greek and Arabian influence in the structure of buildings. Besides, you cannot forget typical food of this land: don’t hesitate to taste local wine and “capocollo”(a traditional cold cut)! 


One of the Most Beautiful Village of Italy, it is pleasing to walk in the streets of this town. Among the things you absolutely must see there are the Tower of Porta Grande, Saint Nicholas’s Mother-church and the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Ibernia. Roast meat is a real speciality here: you need just to choose a “braceria”, to take a seat and to taste the delicacies of this land.


No need for introduction. It is part of the heritage UNESCO and is especially known for its “trulli”, the typical dwellings of this area. Nowadays, having a trullo is a real privilege, especially here. If you want an idea of how these buildings are inside, you can visit the “Trullo sovrano”, the biggest of the town. It is a trullo that dates back the 18th century, today turned into a museum.

These places are quite near among them. If you have not a car, you can reach them both by train and by bus, addressing to Ferroviedel Sud-Est.   

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