giovedì 26 febbraio 2015

Going for a walk in...Schongau?

Usually, when people travel abroad they tend to visit especially the most important and famous towns. On the contrary, when I have been in Germany, I have preferred to visit the little place where I was hosted, near Munich: Schongau.

Being quite little, it could not attract the attention of the tourist, but once passed the ramparts of the old town centre you will find yourself in a place worthy of Grimm brothers’ fairytales.

This medieval little town raises on the banks of Lech river and its main place, Marienplatz, is surrounded by Gothic buildings, the Rathaus, i.e. the town hall, and the Baroque Marie Himmelfahrt church.

What I love of this place is its tranquility: it is the perfect place to relax. In particular, I appreciate the abundance of greenery. Walking along, inevitably you come across tree-lined roads and lawns that fill your eyes and heart with their colours. Obviously, I am talking about summertime, because in winter everything becomes a stretch of pure white snow.

If you want to make a tour of the Romantische Strasse, surely this is a worthy stop-over.

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