giovedì 5 giugno 2014

What's in my "survival kit"?

Here the content of my kit

When we organize a travel, it doesn’t matter if long or short, we always think about how we can face every necessity in every situation. In those moments it could be useful to have with us a “survival kit” not to be found unprepared.

Surely, everyone of us puts in his kit different things according his needs, so I’ve thought to open my bag and to share with you the content of my kit.

Here what doesn’t have to miss when I travel:

·      Hand sanitizer: often, maybe because there’s no soap, maybe because we’re in the middle of nature, we’ve not the possibility to wash our hands. In these cases, this little bottle can help us.

·      Hand cream: if hand sanitizer helps us to keep our hands clean, unfortunately it makes them really dry too. For me this is a fundamental element not to have my hands moulted.

·      Wipes and tissues: same discourse of hands sanitizer but they can be used in many other situations.

·      Sticking plasters: I always have two of them at least. Beside the possibility to have any cut, when you explore a town and so walk a lot, the most frequent thing that arrives is a painful blister on your feet. In these cases, at least one plaster per foot can solve the problem without spoiling our walk.

·      Chap stick: like hands, lips get dry too. According to me, it’s always a good thing to have with us something that protects our lips: they are affected by both cold and hot weather.

·      Aspirin or something similar: it’s important to have a painkiller with us. Why should a headache spoil our nice experience?

·      Tampon-holder: well, no need for explanation and just women need it.

I like to organize in "categories" in these two pochettes

Now, these other things I’m about to write may not be fundamental for everyone, but a woman can consider them useful to be always in order and presentable.

·      Pocket mirror: it doesn’t need to be explain, does it?

·      Folding hairbrush: even though usually women think of it, it’s happened to me to lend it to my father or my brother sometimes.

·      Mascara and lipstick: they are enough to do your make up easily. Do you know that lipstick is multitasking? Beside its traditional use, you can put a little bit of it on your cheeks and here you have your blush!

·      Elastic hair band: perhaps it’s more useful for long-haired people, especially when it’s windy or very hot.

Lastly, I always take with me something to eat: it’s always very useful. Besides, not everyone, like me, has the possibility to enter a bar and simply grab the first thing you see: in this case, it’s not only useful, but essential too, worthy to be put in a survival kit!

And now it's your turn: what’s in yours?

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