giovedì 26 giugno 2014

Füssen: a fairy-tale place!

The centre of Füssen

In Bavaria, near Munich, in a landscape where lake, mountains and hills meet, there is the little town of Füssen.

Perhaps someone knows this place because of King Ludwig’s famous castles, like Neuschwanstein, or because it is crossed by the Rimantik Strasse, but if you don’t know it, plan a little stop here and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that this place offers.

I could jump in super detailed description overflowing marvel for places so different from those I’m used to, but I think that photos can do it a thousand times better than I.

...but they're not!
These buildings may seem fake...

As you walk, you could get hungry, so choose one of those Italian ice-cream parlours that settle the centre and taste a beautiful, greedy and colourful ice cream!

Would you have ever said that this is a pharmacy?  

And that this is the sign of a bank?

I hope that you like this short and phographic blog post. If you want to dream, imaging to stay in a fairy-tale village, this is the right place! Here you can let yourselves enchanted by fantasy! 

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