giovedì 19 novembre 2015

The Dolmen of Leucaspide

This November is giving us some unexpected warm and sunny days. We look out of the window and everything suggests a good trip. How we can resist?

With such a warm sun, I have decided to take my bike and to spend a morning in the nature, visiting a location near where I live that perhaps few people know: the Dolmen of Leucaspide.

It is not a mystery that in Apulia there are many of these megalithic constructions and someone might also consider them little interesting...points of view.

This dolmen is located in the district of Statte, in the province of Taranto, near one of the biggest farm of this area, Accetta Grande - which, on the contrary, is in the district of Massafra. We must know where to go to reach it. Indeed, after having left the paved road, we must gamble in a little wood. After having walked for a small distance like Little Thumb, there it is in a small clearing.

History wise, we do not know much about this construction but it was called dolmen of Leucaspide or of Saint John o "Table of Paladins". The last one was given by the British traveller Janet Ross, who stayed at Massafra in 1887.  Actually, they thought that paladins prepared a lavish feast on the top of the dolmen, but there are no evidences  in favour of this theory, if anything, it is the contrary.

One thing is sure: we cannot resist, we must enter! It is a little room without anything particular, but the corridor before the entrance (what remains of it, I mean) invites us to "settle in". It really has something irresistible! Not to mention the nature, the green of grass, the little flowers, more spring-like than autumn-like, that make us forget that not far from there there is an expressway.

How do we reach this wonderful place?

Alas, we necessarily need a private means of transportation. As I have already said, I rode my bike, but, honestly, even though it was a beautiful experience, would not suggest this solution. The road you must go through is quite narrow and, unfortunately, congested. Besides, saying that cars speed would be an euphemism.  It would be really nice if it was more accessible for non-motorised means, perhaps with proper tracks, but this does not depend on me.

By the way, I can only thank this so clement November, which has given me the possibility to enjoy a so nice break from all my businesses.

And you? Where is your November bringing you? 

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