venerdì 10 aprile 2015

Royal Palaces in Wien: Belvedere Palace

Wien is one of those towns that immediately make you think of Sissi, classic music and royal palaces. I’ve already written about the wonderful Hofburg, but there is – or it would be better to say there are – two palaces that deserve at least a visit in your life: I am talking about Belvedere palaces.

Eugene of Savoy wanted the building of these palaces after the defeat of the Turkish in 1683. Nowadays, they host wonderful works of art, from medieval ones to contemporary ones. Here there is also an exposition dedicated to Gustav Klimt. You can see all this in the Upper Belvedere, whereas the Lower Belvedere hosts temporary expositions. 

These palaces date back the 18th century and has been built by Johann Lucas von Hildebrand. Between the two there is a French-style garden, which reminds the one of Caserta palace and Versailles: indeed, it was realized by Dominique Girard, who worked at Versailles too. Walking hearing gravel creaks under your feet, surrounded by green walls of hedge, is a really relaxing experience. Besides, from here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Wien, reproduced by Canaletto too.

My interest in this place was especially artistic, because I was attracted by the exposition of Klimt’s works, but I must admit that, even without such a reason, I would have appreciated this visit. As in many other vast spaces, in which architectural and natural elements are perfectly combined, you do not realize you are in the centre of a town.

What about you? Have you ever visited Belvedere palaces?  

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