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The Carnival of Putignano

February. Apulia.
I don’t know about you, but these two words together make me think about just one thing: Carnival. I live in a town where Carnival is a tradition and this period has always been characterized by the choice of the costume to wear during parades. Yet, I must admit that Carnival in Massafra has to compare itself with a giant of Carnival tradition in Apulia: theCarnival of Putignano, the longest in Italy and the oldest in Europe.
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First time in Bari: what to see (part 2)

Let’s continue our itinerary for those who visit Bari for the first time. In the first part we left off in the old town centre and it’s from here that we start with the second part.

First time in Bari: what to see (part 1)

I’ve started to know Bari when I was at the university. Studying tourism, my academic path included experiencing Bari from a tourist point of view. In this way I discovered the major attractions of this town. Since then I’ve walked many times in Bari with friends who actually are from Bari and others who didn’t know the town at all. In the latter case I was their guide and I noticed that I suggest always the same itinerary to those who are in Bari for the first time in order to give them an overview of the town. Most of the time this itinerary is completed in one day. If you are curious to know what I suggest to see to those who are in Bari for the first time, stay with me and let’s get started!

6 ways to enjoy Apulia in winter

Apulia is a region so versatile in its offer to the visitor that it can be a perfect destination in every season, even winter. I’ve always thought so. Obviously, there are some periods in which it could be difficult to move, for example when some unexpected snowfalls sneak up on you, but they are rare events and the situation is usually solved in a couple of days . I can say that this might be the thing that I love of most of living in a place where winters are mild. So, if you ask me if it’s possible to visit Apulia in winter, definitely I say yes. Obviously, it also depends on what you expect from your visit.
So, how can you enjoy Apulia in winter?

Massafra: an itinerary

This year I’ve decided to give something more with my blog. I want to start a new adventure and do more than just telling what I’ve seen in a particular place. I’ve started with two blog posts about two of the topics that are important to me and I want to develop in my blog. In this blog post there is another piece of news that from now you’ll find regularly: itineraries.
I want to give you something that can be useful and a product of my creativity. So, this is the first one for 2019. This is a two-day itinerary of Massafra, a little town near Taranto, in Apulia. You can visit Massafra basically whenever you want, thanks to its beautiful weather, but I suggest to prefer spring and late summer, especially for this itinerary. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!

It was also called the “Paradise of Massafra”. It’s a ravine that divides the town in two parts: on one side there’s the historical centre and the castle; on the other side there’s the new part of the …

Travelling Gluten Free: My Organization

In 2014 I found out to suffer from celiacdisease. Since then many things have changed, especially speaking of travel. I’d never thought about food organization during a travel until that moment. 
Fortunately, there are some tools that help people with celiac disease to feel at ease in all situation. In this blog postI talked about the websites that help us in this sense.
In this one I want to tell you how I’ve changed my travel habits and how I organize my travel and my luggage to make my gluten free travel more comfortable.

5 steps to be a sustainable traveller (with a low budget)

I remember that when I was at the university studying foreign languages for tourism, at a certain point of my academic path, my studies turned toward sustainable tourism. To give you an idea of what sustainable tourism means, here the definition given by the WTO (World Tourism Organization):
"Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities" (click here for more)
I thought that it was great and everyone should have been aware of it while travelling. During those years I kept studying the characteristics of sustainable tourism and how to be a sustainable traveller until I met, in one of the books of the program, the chapter about sustainable tour operators. They organize travels in places that are not so much developed from a tourist point of view; you live an amazing experience with locals and a referent who will guide you through this new c…